Garden Design

Stage 1: The Site Survey

The Site Survey is an opportunity for us to collect some essential information.

Accurate measurements are taken of your garden including the height of boundary walls, the spread and height of trees, changes of level and gradients.

We can identify your existing plants and discuss whether they are to be retained or removed. Soil Samples and Reference Photographs are taken.

This is also an opportunity for a Consultation regarding your specific requirements, and for us to make some initial Design suggestions.If you have an idea of your overall budget that could also be discussed at this point.

We charge a fixed Fee of £150 for the Consultation and Survey.


Stage 2:  Outline Plan

Using the information from the survey and the client brief we then set about the design process. Using a combination of computer design, technical drawings and sketches we produce a rough outline plan. This will indicate our suggestions for the areas of planting, paving, decking and any other features that may be required.

We will then set up a meeting with you to talk you through the rough plans and show you samples of building materials we may wish to use as well as photographs and other reference material. Any adjustments or alterations can be ironed out at this stage. We can incorporate any changes in the final design.




Stage 3: Presentation Plan

Once we have your approval we then go back to the drawing board and produce a final annotated presentation plan in colour. This is drawn to a scale of 1:50 and includes all the technical information necessary to complete the project. Copies can be sent to contractors to obtain quotations for hard landscaping.

At this stage we can accurately quote for the labour, plants and materials required. If you have provided us with an initial budget we would already have made every effort to tailor the plan to work within your budget.

The Design Fee for an average-size garden is £450.

We prefer to collect half when we show you the outline plan and the remainder when we sign off the presentation plan.


Stage 4: Planting Plan

For many smaller gardens we can discuss different planting styles with you and then source suitable plants from reputable nurseries. This is included in the Design Fee and incurs no additional costs.

In other cases it may be necessary to work with a more detailed Planting Plan.Here we consider soil type,flower colour and leaf texture to create specific plant combinations that will work throughout the year.

A Planting Plan indicates each individual plant together with an attached Plant Schedule listing each plant by its correct botanical name.

This service is charged at an additional rate depending on the size of the garden.


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